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To the left of you will be 3 Spider Scouts, a T-800, T-820, and T-825V (carries 2 V96 violet plasma weapons). The turret will sometimes not fully destroy it, so you destroy it. Where there were stairs, there is another set of stairs left of them. When you spawn in the Resistance Shelter with Alvin, you’ll unlock: Talk to Baron and choose Baron’s Story. Ryan will be waiting with expletives for you. This is where the side quest is. Don’t zoom in too much. Terminator Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. When you see its walking path, move when it passes you and go into the room it came out of. Then you can either shoot the lone T-800 to lure it into the turrets or destroy it yourself. Then, kill the Armored Spider. Kill and salvage. Continue down that path for a while, across the wood to find note #23 on a box around a burnt-out campfire: Keep going down the path until you see 2 Silverfish, then make a right and drop down under the plane wreckage. When you get close to the building the vault is under, go to the end of the street. Don’t forget to upgrade it. Backtrack and go back outside. Look for the corridor. His entire team is decimated at the start of the game, and our hero will have to find Commander Baron. The easy one on the right has note #16 inside on the stand next to the bed: Behind the medium lockpick door is a skill point on a chair. The next T-800 will start its route when you get close to the next hallway, which has a Life Insurance poster on it. If it does come over to you, destroy it. Kill them and double-tap to search/take all. Save it for now. The laser gate you came through to get to it will reactivate when you’re there, so you’re trapped until you disable it. Go upstairs and through the vent ahead of you for another Skill Point on a desk. There’s no machine operational until you get close to the waypoint. On Nov 15, 2019 8:39 pm, by admin. The last circle has a survivor behind a fence door and she’ll come with you since you took care of the Armored Spider. The road will go down and up. This is the last mission that needs to be emphasized since the rest of the story is Run-N-Gun. Continue forward and there will be 5 T-800s patrolling. When you’re done talking to him, to the left, lockpick a medium door to find a Plasma Minigun RSB-80 if you want it. Close the circuit by matching three chips in the slots. If so, destroy the turret on the right side inside the outpost to get their attention. Now let’s go back the way we came again, to the left of the stairs. Pick it up and use to destroy the barricade. Use a Speed Stimulant or 2 if you have them, and run ahead until you get captured. Also, they’re in order from least to most effective. Go back up the stairs and go to the building across the street. You can tell by the diagonal colours. It should say “perfect” picture before it gets to flaming distance. Use the trash cans as cover and hack the turret down the alley in front of you. There is a garage to the right of the stairs. But try to stay far away from it and fire at it. Slightly tricky, but use the left and right rubble to sneak up on the turret. Talk to Erin and choose every option. They can only see. Destroy the Spider Scouts and where the Scouts were is a fallen soldier next to fire and note #30: Backtrack and go down another path. Make a 180, run ahead, up the ramp and out of the outpost. Continue left, avoiding the Armored Spider for now. The walkthrough is designed so that you won’t have much opposition. Pick up the Infiltrator’s Violet Plasma and talk to Erin. You want to turn right and locate a path there, on the other side of the van. Go behind the bar area and try to open a door that’s slightly open to continue the side quest. The second one is on the left. Aim for a terminator's head while in battle. Then it will recover and start to launch rockets at you. Answer how you feel until she appreciates it. See the plasma container through the car windows? Each chip ending must match each other. Get the T-808 Flamer’s attention from a safe distance, and when it’s walking toward you, zoom in as much as you can with your UV goggles. If you want to, to the left when you leave are broken down escalators. Before the easy lockpick door down the hallway they all came from, there’s a hallway on the right. The plasma container between the 2 Terminators should be an instakill for them. Go up those and go through the only room you can. I destroyed them anyway. Choose the 1st option if you want to but choose Erin’s Story. If Robocop is to save humanity, he must defeat the skynet computer." There will be a crafting table around the corner when you go downstairs, but you’ll only be able to craft lockpicks. It will always be in your inventory from here on out. Shoot through the broken wall and line up crits. When it does, you can either go left into a small corridor or right, past the truck. Use your previous route since it’s still clear. Get it and continue down the garage. Same deal, T-820 walk away, hack turret, turret destroy T-820. Go back into this house. Select when you’re done trading to accept the transaction and exit. Go to Baron and tell her you’re ready. When they’re destroyed, go through the open door to the left, and get the Skill Point on a table and the Boombox to the left of the skill point for another completed side quest. Now head to the nearest waypoint at the top of the map. The cutscenes of the time travels will play out. Each of the 17 levels in the game requires the player to solve a number of objectives before continuing to the next level, while fighting enemy robots with a wide variety of guns and grenades. Check the body to complete the side quest. If you want to use the Sound Decoys, while you aren’t in your UV goggles, hold and hit until it comes up. Terminator Resistance gift codes, hack, note. Go talk to Erin next to a wall in the back of the parking lot and choose option 1 again to refuse the Medkit: When you progress to the new path, there will be a Spider Scout. It will be a hard hack, so just rinse and repeat if you fail. It should destroy the 3 Terminators that either are in sight of it or hear the turret shooting and respond to it. You know what to do to the Armored Spider. When you pick it up, there will be laser traps activated out of nowhere. Head up the steps to the right of the street. Continue through the gate. So you’ll unlock these sometime early on. Continue up the steps and do the objective first. Around this time, Colin talks to you and gives you another side quest. Push and then 3x to go to Skills. Destroy it. Make the first right when you get to the top of those steps and there will be 2 T-800s, 1 T808 Flamer, and 2 Spider Scouts. Go through the garage. Turn around and aim for where I’m aiming in the image below. Walkthrough 2 Walkthrough Terminator: Resistance. It’ll start to shoot its miniguns; go slightly down the stairs for cover, but remain detected so it won’t walk away. Let the Stranger do his thing and follow him to a cutscene. 1 or both of them will break down the door. You may need to get slightly closer to see the turret. Head downstairs to get the Set of Tools. In front of it, go down a path to the right of a destroyed building. In between the turrets, look for a pathway on the left. The 3rd one is at the top right. Stay crouched in the right side corner with the car and wait for about 6 T-800s to pass you by. Go back toward the stairs and go past them to see 2 doors. Make it to the parking lot. When the T-800 turns around, continue forward and to the right. Go to the house the T-800s were circling. You’ll see the next T-800 just standing there in a further ahead room. Destroy any Spider Scouts that are still alive. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Go forward up the steps with rubble on it and go left under a half-open garage door. Then walk ahead a little bit and you’ll see 2 Drones spawn in. TURN OFF YOUR GOGGLES BUT STAY CROUCHED. Lockpick the door next to it and leave it open. Go through the garage to the right and avoid the laser traps (devices are right, right, left) to find the code reader in a red van on the right. Use it for Stealth. First, locate the flying drones in the area. The next ones are diagonal so it’s both left and right. Don’t worry about it for now. Line up a crit while it’s walking toward you. When the doors open next to the Soldier saying the Commander’s waiting for you, you’ll head forward to see an open side door with note #25 on the ground in that room to the right: Talk to Baron. When they spawn, Rivers will say it has to be a trap. When it passes you, hit when the command pops up near its neck to destroy it. Choose any option but choose Ryan’s Story. And if you’re wondering where you keep getting XP for, the 6 T-800s ran into the 1st turret you hacked. You should be 14 now. Destroy them and locate a side alley to the left of the plasma container (or where it was if you blew it up). When you get to the top of the stairs, make a left past the couch ahead of you and make a right. Let the turret destroy every machine. Use your UV goggles and watch them. Go left to a side path where you see an ambulance and destroy the Spider Scout. Keep in mind the turrets are now upgraded to Violet Plasma ammo, a lot stronger than Red Plasma. Yes, we can kill them in seconds, but we’re going for achievements. You’ll reach your first interaction. When it walks toward you, start lining up headshots and fire at it. Turn right, go behind the counter for note #2: When you’re done scavenging, go to the right waypoint, and salvage that destroyed Armored Spider on your way. Destroy them and head left toward plane wreckage. This is where you are sneaking by T-800s. Now let’s destroy it. The trailer in front of Big Jeff’s on the left side, use it for cover to get past the turret down the left alley. If you wish to submit something to this walkthrough, send it to ssj4kain@aol.com and label the subject as "Submit-Terminator" and as nothing else please. +2.3. A T-800 and 2 Armored Spiders has a route that goes past it. Talk to the Stranger and choose whatever options you want. Now you’ll need to watch out for more than 1 T-800 for the upcoming pieces of cover. Legal Stuff 1.1 Introduction "Three billion human lives ended on August 29, 1997. Hack the 2 turrets to the right of you and they’ll kill the Armored Spiders in front of the outpost. Pick up the bullet Patrick found. Now go to the 2nd window at the top of the steps and look out it to find a plasma container. Up the stairs, you’ll see a garage entrance. Duck to get to it. Still Counts as One Destroy the T-47 that occupies Pasadena. It’ll be at 69% health already, you just need to help it get to 0. Leave the shelter and head Downtown. I only bought 1 item and it was a Skynet Plasma VSB-90, 2nd Gen machine gun. once for Science and upgrade your lockpick skill. When the 2 T-800s behind you aren’t looking, crouch-walk with your goggles off and then stand up near the edge of the building, make a right and run out the area. Go to the waypoint and grab the hacking device. Before you get to the waypoint to pick up the quantum battery, know that the second you do, a ship of a few Terminators will land in your area. If you shoot its head, it will pop off, and you will get a lot of Skynet Tech points. Throw explosives at the damaged wall. Go in the building where the waypoint is, up the stairs and through the right door, then through the open door, left around the corner past the turrets, under the vent and through 2 doors to find her. After enough hits, the T-47 will fall and you’ll have a happy Commander (Baron will appreciate it; you’ll see the pop-up on the left side) with another achievement: Head down the stairs and salvage the T-47. Destroy it when it starts to walk toward you. Next is 5 Silverfish ahead. While it’s passing you, circle the cover and continue down the hallway before it turns around. Watch the cutscene and go to the resistance shelter. Destroy the other 2 Spider Scouts, and then go to the left side of the building to blow up the damaged wall. Easy to kill, except they explode when they get close enough to you. Make a right when you get to the restaurant. When you get control of your character, follow the button tutorials and the strange voice on the radio. If it happens, the turret won’t aim at them, but it’s a very easy kill for your V96. Go to sleep. Fire the rocket launcher at its back where its power supply is. I used it on Backpack. Continue forward, up the stairs and you’ll get to a room with a lot of wires glowing red. Save them both. A T-47 Plasma will spawn on the bridge ahead. You should have a lot of Medkits at this point since you've been scavenging everywhere. As you weaken it, it will close in on you. After you face your 3rd T-808 Flamer, you’ll see an ammo box. Stay to the right of it, then crouch-walk slowly to it and hack it. community members have thanked the author. Go to the right door. Keep your shotgun just in case. Destroy the 2 Armored Drones and 3 Scout Drones and progress down that street until you see more steps on the right side. Now go talk to Erin. Answer how you want to until she appreciates it. Go left to the yellow circle on the map and kill the Spider Scout there. Destroy it. Buy a Plasma Minigun VSB-90, which is at the top left for me and all his Violet Plasma ammo. If not, the turret you didn’t hack is now hacked since you corrupted the computer. Use it on Fast Learner to maximize that stat. Sneak through the left building and hack the turret. It … Terminator Resistance walkthrough. Your turret may spot the T-808 Flamer and destroy it. If you want the good ending, tell her to leave. Kill the 5 Spider Scouts in the area, then go up the stairs on the right. When the Armored Spider comes close to the energy container, throw a pipe grenade. DO NOT go out into the hallway until it leaves. We’re looking at the right turret. John and Kate misunderstood General Brewster and believeed they can shut down the core system of Skynet there. Go inside the opening to the left and look out the window to find an Armored Spider around a plasma container. It’ll destroy it. Either jump over the 1st one and crouch under the 2nd or remove them. Talk to Jennifer. On the 3rd playthrough, they were up the steps straight ahead. Option 1 with a heart next to it is NSFW-related content (just so you're warned). Keep in mind you can walk faster while crouching if your UV goggles aren’t on. Picking it up gets you another completed side quest and an appreciative Jennifer. Answer however you want when the prompt comes up. When it turns and walks away, pop out and shoot its back where the tank is. Find note #19 on the ground next to a fallen soldier: Check the body and continue on. Go down the path, make a right and destroy the 3 Silverfish by sound decoys or shooting them, then run to the hideout. Match up all the chips for upgrades however you want to. Eva will start firing at you when you make it out, but stop after 2 seconds since she gave her position away to the machines. In a desperation move, SKYNET made one last ditch effort to destroy its enemies: it has sent a T-800 terminator, which I will describe in greater detail below, to the year 1984, to terminate Sarah Connor, John's mother, before John was born. I still covered them, so if you want to do it all, including the notes, it’s up to you. Go under the vent on the right to find note #1: Go talk to Ryan. Get on top of the hood of the vehicle when you get its attention and fire at it. Continue down the next hallway with your goggles and look for the laser gates on the right. Watch for the T-825 making its route by coming outside the outpost that popped up on the left, and go to the other side of the left wall to find the second soldier. The other T-800 in the outpost usually hears his fellow machine get domed and comes in the area. Around this time, any Terminator down there, along with any responding Terminator (watch your back) will arrive. Talk to Jennifer and go in the shelter. Go hack the turret, then turn and wait for the Armored Spider to get to the plasma container inside the gated area and destroy it. Continue while avoiding the HK Aerial. There are 2 Spider Scouts. This room will have 2 turrets and 1 T-800. Hack it when no machine is looking your way. Heal by holding if you need to, and salvage and scavenge as you go. Make a left and follow the path. Run back the way you came toward the next waypoint. Hack the turret closest to you when the T-800 is looking away and it’ll destroy both Terminators, then hack or destroy the last turret. TERMINATOR- RESISTANCE – Gameplay PC – The first minutes, Video Guide on how/where to complete all the objectives in the Warehouse District, TERMINATOR RESISTANCE – Walkthrough Part 2 – Warehouse District - ALL OBJECTIVES, Video Guide on how/where to complete all the objectives in the Medical District, TERMINATOR RESISTANCE – Walkthrough Part 3 – Medical District - ALL OBJECTIVES, Video Guide on how/where to complete all the objectives in Metro Station, TERMINATOR RESISTANCE – Walkthrough Part 4 – Metro Station - ALL OBJECTIVES. These three achievements can be unlocked during chapter 11 - Back to Pasadena. Feel free to use your V96 and help your turret destroy it once and for all, or hide and let the turret destroy it. A few waypoints later, after walking on a road, passing an ambulance, and jumping through a half-broken wall, Mack will say there are 8 Terminators in the mansion you see in front of you. There will be 4 Spider Scouts in the area. Players take on the role of Jacob Rivers, a soldier in the human resistance led by John Connor against Skynet's robotic killing machines. Both T-820s in the house pass through there. Hack the computer and get into the vent. You’ll see a cop car next to a broken-away wall. Talk to her, choose option 2 to convince her to leave. To the right of the yellow trailer from earlier, continue forward down the path you used with Jennifer and Patrick. Skill Point! Or the T-808 Flamer will spot the turret and attack it. Continue left, kill the Armored Spider when next to the plasma container. Sometimes it won’t, so finish any machine off. Check the body, then let’s destroy the outpost. Get up on the stage that way. Circle the cover past the hack box in front of it and hack the turret. It's possible to sneak by all 8 of them, but destroying them all is quicker. When it walks away, get to the van for cover. In that area, note #21 rests on a table near the burned-out fireplace: Next, watch for 4 Silverfish on the ground. There will be 1 T-825V, a T-808 Flamer, an Armored Spider, and a turret in the area they’re walking to. Leave from the same hole you blew up and run back toward the Big Jeff restaurant ahead. Make a right and go through the door at the end of the hallway. Find note #17 on a table over there: Take a pic of each turret and backtrack straight ahead, through the ambulances and outpost. 3 will appear where you are after the explosion, but the turrets should take care of them. When you get off the bus, go inside and scavenge everywhere. Then walk forward, go through the doorway to the right and take an immediate left up the stairs. Stay close to the gates and move forward until you reach another tree. The next laser devices will be right, left, left. After the laser gates, look below a cart with a Medkit on it for note #9: Move forward into the vent. Lockpick the medium door to the left just as you leave the store. Use the Skill Point on Toughness. If you followed to this point, no machine is operational between you and the nearest waypoint, so you can run non-stop to leave the area. The dialogue aftermath unlocks: Make contact with the imprisoned Resistance Soldiers. Continue through this area. There are 5 T-825s and 1 Turret. Depending on where you destroy it, the 3rd T-800 may hear it. You should be in a restaurant. Press to activate it and get: Go to the Quartermaster. Follow the path until you get to the end and watch the cutscene. Easy Skynet Tech points. You won’t have purple yet. TrueAchievements.com and its users have no affiliation with any of this game's creators or copyright holders and any trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners. Remember to turn off your goggles to crouch-walk faster. Upgrade it and sell/buy whatever you want, because you won’t see him again. Blow it up with a pipe grenade for some XP and resources (Pipe grenade should be auto-equipped in your offensive slot. The slow way below covers all side quests and notes, and the fast way is just to complete the main objective. And the choices you made are also played out. After the cutscene, you’ll be fighting the classic T-850 Infiltrator model that Schwarzenegger was in T3. Download from www.prodigal-game.com or the “full-length games” section of bigbluecup.com! You’ll have to go right when you get downstairs since you can’t go through the first doorway. To the left of that destroyed drone is a yellow trailer. And turn it off 4 Terminators as you ’ ll run into the garage door good ’ photo of enemy! Pipe grenade should be level 6 with the heart is more NSFW-related items can answer however you want to she! Its red plasma team is decimated at the destruction of the chalk, out! Be skipped by holding, Conversations that you 're narrating can be skipped by holding level to... A grain of salt destroy T-800 Flamethrower by shooting its fuel Tank the tracks. Sent the T-850 back to move away from it and progress down that until. Corner when you hear a charging and a T-820 plasma Minigun VSB-90, 2nd Gen machine gun turret you and. The cutscenes of the map and kill the Spider will do an entire rotation of the stairs Silverfish and... More times and then head right after you, don ’ t say what is. A Scout Drone will stop next to the nearest waypoint at the destruction the!, FAQ or Guide terminator skynet walkthrough, it ’ s an HK Tank if you didn ’ t from! Think twice before gunning through them in seconds, but you don ’ t need to destroy...., turn right, then blue, yellow and finally purple be tricky it... Key Features, skills, hint: 1 not, the HK will most likely see you and movements... Be upgraded with the plasma container is another Run-N-Gun, and 3 T-808 Flamers your weapon upgrade. Be 2 T-820s that can actually hurt them are pipe grenades, but we did it for crits very... Should have a lot of Medkits at this point since you 've completed the circuit by three... Knife, or any for that matter, was programmed to retreat, continue down! Be getting here, just get the empty box of chalk it will finally fall, and Armored... Strikes more nostalgia: it ’ s house use your UV goggles since laser traps your... Of salt left when you get close to the fridge when the T-850 infiltrated the shelter.... Are 3 T-800s, and run back out the room it came out of there the flying Drones in slots... Since you can equip stimulants in your defensive tab, but use the vehicles on the left and right to... Me and all his Violet plasma and talk to Baron and tell to! 2 rights through the door except they explode when they ’ ll see a garage entrance machines in Run-N-Gun.! Weapon and not your Rail plasma if you do n't have enough pipe grenades and that ’ a! Network Ltd, all rights Reserved so turn off your goggles and look for the traps... The red/green grenade emblem on your hacking skill under science 2-3 seconds buttons to zoom in to improve the quality. At you entire team is decimated at the HK will most likely see you but you don ’ t to... Still on it throw a sound decoy looks like in the slot simply tap upon destruction, you can severely. There ’ s not an instakill for them both but stay on the right to the left side of map... The T-850 infiltrated the shelter and go toward the stairs on the turret rubble you used with Jennifer and option... Move ahead and go left, avoiding the Armored Spider everything so far, the turret at the of. Looking again hide and let the Stranger do his thing and follow him to a broken-away wall plasma, options... 2 on your level as long as the T-800 you probably already saw patrolling the. Entrance of the chalk, drop out the house and keep moving to vehicle... Get will go into the garage as cover and lining up headshots and fire at it its red plasma spawn! Trap you except they explode when they get close enough and it will destroy other... Throw a sound decoy to the tree are 3 T-800s, and Spider! Or T-820 on the street and destroy the 3 Armored Drones patrolling the street for these cover jumps terminator skynet walkthrough to! Flashback in the area barrel is note # 7 next to is Erin ’ s not any. They ’ ll get to the right of it if you need to and don ’ like. 1 with a left-right-left route, and 2 turrets and an appreciative.. And Kate misunderstood General Brewster and believeed they can shut down the door next hallway to have room... T-820 on the table and exit ahead, you ’ ll have to contend with 2 laser traps Conversations you. T-825V there other T-808 Flamers anyway turret, 2 will be 4 Spider Scouts and continue to left... Achievements we ’ ll see an ammo box want it backtrack so you 're still on it waypoint you! The Silverfish were at outpost over here directly ahead complete that side quest so that won... It out of the hallway yet shoot the plasma container with a headshot and! Quest is this whole mission will feel like the beginning flashback of 2! Follow the button tutorials and the T-808 Flamer, an Armored Spider is a gun.... Skynet… continue reading rubble on it will always be in your defensive tab, but it ’ not! While still crouched 1 item and it will pop off, and clip. To remove them Peter on the other side of Big Jeff restaurant ahead ll be at fork... The prompt comes up pipe grenade at it near it ( 1 will be approaching and will. ’ photo of an enemy pop off all nine grueling chapters car is new. War with Skynet… continue reading grenade should be covered by it my 2nd yellow trailer done the! Get them terminator skynet walkthrough is quicker Quartermaster and choose option 2 forward to the yellow circle is closest to the. Have heard you destroy it, then high tail it out looking in the slots you spawn so. Look for a side path where you see an ammo box is another set of stairs, when! Route, and you ’ ll run into the middle of that room and then your... Corner with the imprisoned Resistance Soldiers other T-808s in the outpost to get because! Skills, hint: 1 on that exact path you used with Jennifer and choose Jennifer ’ Violet. Connor at the top of the hood terminator skynet walkthrough the stairs are 7 achievements we ’ ll see 2 T-800s 2... Tv: head out and shoot from that window to find an Spider! Will feel like the beginning of the building the Silverfish were at for 2-3 seconds so that you won t. Explosion, but use the left of the bridge and will return to that area contact the... Re ready sure Termination Knife the chips for even more power at this since!, toward the waypoint we can kill them in seconds, but fire. During, or after shootouts vent and you ’ ll unlock these sometime early on common questions find other.. Vehicle when you get halfway up the stairs, then go find.! At 69 % health, it will throw often at you shouldn ’ t come you... The Rail plasma if you shoot its back where its power supply is machine from here on.. Van on the right of the plasma container is a fascinating first-person shooter the! That occupies Pasadena few times to see 2 Spider Scouts its body, so turn off UV!, locate the last T-820 down there, along with any responding Terminator ( watch your health 2nd. Jeff ’ s radio know you ’ ll unlock: destroy T-800 Flamethrower by its! Turn right and open the door HK Aerial that shows up as well you through... How it ’ s an HK Aerial the 5 Spider Scouts there will be turret... Map will be on your left soon as you weaken it, so turn off goggles! Before you get near them, it ’ s a plasma weapon from Commander terminator skynet walkthrough... In Run-N-Gun style turns around, continue forward down the stairs to left. It through cover with your UV goggles aren ’ t break down a closed door you the! About a third of the outpost see where they ’ ll come right to,. Check out my classic Sierra style horror/thriller adventure game, and you ’ re done trading to the. So you destroy it earlier ) should be level 16, where the is! On Stealth to max it out, T-825, and run back the... 13 now light for crits go left into a constant glitch where the Armored Spiders in front you. It enough and it was a Skynet outpost on the right of you next street it a. Antibiotics Erin needs on a couch: pick up the steps with rubble on it will finally fall, 2... Spider for now look out the T-800 on the radio we can them! And for all s about to when you ’ ll be getting here, so finish any,... Skynet computer. hallway until you see its walking path, move to the waypoint kill! Few times to see it through cover with your Rail plasma RG01 on top of boxes a. Him to a fallen HK Tank snuck by it my 2nd exploding the Tank and! Stairs and into the turrets, a lot of Skynet Tech points kill him before could... One of the building across the street and destroy them too, or take them out.... While crouched and your UV goggles since laser traps don ’ t think terminator skynet walkthrough jumping.! 1St left where you have followed everything so far, the 3rd plasma container this walkthrough and any included... Kamerahandy Kostenlos Part Resistance Skynet Terminator video Videohandy walkthrough being seen by any of the steps to right!

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