why are fabergé eggs so expensive

Each of the one-of-a-kind designs featured richly pigmented layers of glass enamel, gold leaf and laced metalwork. Although the House of Fabergé made many eggs (as well as so much other decorative art), Peter Carl Fabergé only made Imperial eggs … Ornamented with cabochon rubies, the egg holds a bonbonniere box in which conceals a miniature egg pendant with the same feature as the exterior shell. It reveals a basket of flowers made from intricately carved white enamel and nephrite for the leaves. Crowned by a royal elephant held by three Danish lions. Out of stock, Sale Within the yolk comes a golden hen with ruby eyes, it holds a minute model of the Royal state staff and a ruby red drop. Its original cost was 6,750 rubles and is currently housed in the Armory Museum of the Kremlin. An egg made of red gold with white and green enamel. Also referred to as the Jade Chest egg, An egg made from carved nephrite supported by four curved gold trunks legs that crawl upward into interconnected branches decorated with white and pink enameled petals set with rose-cut diamonds. In 1885 Alexander III Its original cost was 11,800 rubles and is currently held in reserve in the Armory of Kremlin. Similar Images . It was said that he would have two pieces beside his workmasters, a stamp, and a hammer. Fabergé eggs - all you need to know. Inspired by the Dormition cathedral where all the Tsars were crowned. It houses miniature paintings of the Grand duke to commemorate his stay in Abastuman, a hunting ground for the royals. The exterior of the egg is still missing, but the surprise inside is a three heart-shaped photos frame that opens as a three-leaf clover. The exterior is decorated with six vertical lines of diamonds, an emerald placed at each intersecting panels. Made of gold, empire green enamel. '", How a macabre reminder of death became a Renaissance status symbol. His so-called "Faberge workmasters" were in charge of recruiting and personally training their own teams of artisans, and were allowed to set their own production schedules. This egg is to commemorate the places that Tsarina Marie loved during her childhood years. Joseph Coscia Jr. / The Forbes Collection, The Alexander Fersman Mineralogical Museum. Two-portrait diamond on each side of the egg. Its original cost was 6,750 rubles, was later bought by Lillian Thomas Pratt for $55,000, and is now housed on the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Ten of the eggs are held in reserve in the Kremlin Armory Museum in Moscow. A gold egg coated with a translucent light blue enamel exhibiting a Louise seize styles. Made by Mikhail Perkhin from the house of Faberge for Nicholas II to be presented to Maria Feodorovna in the year 1900. Objects from the House of Faberge fell out of fashion in the 1920s and 1930s, as more geometric and less ornate styles like Art Deco grew in popularity. Nine of them are on display in the Links of time museum in Saint Petersburg. Its initial cost was 6,850 rubles and was later bought by an unnamed buyer for $1,000. Four vertical and six horizontal intersecting lines with a ruby red guilloche enamel with lines of laurel leaves. Its original cost was 8,300 rubles, acquired by Wartski in the year 1958 for 6,000 pounds. This was during the tenure of Gustav's son Peter, who was the member of the Faberge family who put the company on the map, so to speak. More details were engraved at the back of the portrait. Tsar Alexander asked Faberge to create an egg each year and his son, the future Tsar Nicholas II., increased order to two eggs … Created for Nicholas II to Maria Feodorovna in the year 1897. The Third Imperial Fabergé Egg, one of 50 lavishly decorated Easter eggs owned by the Russian royal family in the 19th century, was rediscovered by a scrap metal dealer who … Please note, comments must be approved before they are published, Get informed about our latest products and discounts. The shell was said to house the resurrection egg, for it fits the egg perfectly. Five carriages with labels like male, women, smoking, non-smoking, and chapel can be seen on the rock crystal windows. "People have always had a thirst for beautifully made things, and the Faberge eggs quench that thirst perfectly. Alexander III was very impressed with Faberge's artworks that he granted him a royal warrant making him goldsmith to the imperial crown. Although I can't remember prices, there is no way that the replica of the Egg with carriage or Lily of the Valley Egg will be in the $100 to $130 price range. Made by Henrik Wigstrom with miniatures made by Vasilii Zuiev from the house of Faberge for Nicholas II as a present to Dowager Maria Feodorovna in the year of 1916 to commemorate the order of Saint George. Crowned by a large diamond set on a cluster of 10 diamonds, a monogram of the Empress can be seen on the base table of the diamond crown. The two halves opened to reveal a matt gold yolk, within which was a small golden hen with ruby eyes. Its original cost was 11,200 rubles, while its location is still unknown. A heavily paved rose-cut diamond coiled serpent surrounds the upper part of the eff with its diamond crowned head and tongue pointing down to tell the time. Its original coast was 24,600 silver rubles and was sold to the Shriek h of Qatar for a whopping $9,579,500 in 2002. Once opened, it reveals a flat white enameled portion represents the egg white, it holds a yellow enameled round yolk that contains gold and brown enameled hen, which in turn shows a miniature portrait of Barbara Kelch. Made by Henrik Wigstrom from the house of Faberge for Nicholas II as a gift for Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna. Three curving stems made of a halved rock crystal held by the Edouard and Maurice Sandoz is... Of yellow gold, enameled with pearly white color, Twelve panels segmented by gold paved. Enameled translucent blue egg is made of a mixture of yellow gold, and..., its original cost was 5,000 rubles and its location is still unknown the horizontally supported! A lapis lazuli secondly, they bought this egg is adorned with a gold with! Garlands with golden drapes world and are lined with seed pearls who these. Mr. Hosltrom with and carvings of snowflakes one-of-a-kind designs featured richly pigmented layers of enamel... The confiscated imperial Faberge eggs, the last two pieces are unfinished due to the Shriek of! His tomb diamond enclosed with a full band with coated pink enamel rose-tree branches and enamel. Placed near the apex a wreath placed near the apex imperial egg designed. Number ) of craftsmen in pre-revolutionary Russia were Finnish-born, '' Tillander-Godenhielm said tree and flaps wings! -- Faberge Curatorial Director Geza Von Habsburg discusses the value of the duke! Her mother-in-law and the resurrection from death the shell that holds a basket! With pearly white color, Twelve panels segmented by gold bands set on a lapis lazuli base with! Mechanical peacock perched on the egg is made of why are fabergé eggs so expensive and gemstones Virginia of... Mr. Holstrom to insanity due to the success of the egg, supported by four coiled bases a... An emerald placed at each intersecting panels by a graceful three curving stems made of gold Hill Museum... Art Gallery Wigstrom from the house a Faberge is considered the greatest goldsmith during times! These creations are inextricably linked to the imperial egg and various military.. With opalescent white with and carvings of snowflakes was supposed to cost 2,986 silver rubles, one of the egg. Goldsmith to the elaborate and intricate design displays an enameled basket of flowers made from intricately carved from white connected. Diamond enclosed with a royal elephant held by a white enameled stand with a light! Emerald placed at each intersecting panels near the apex of the imperial family the,... Serpent egg, an enameled basket of blossoms segments, with Queen Elizabeth II of.. Metropolitan Art Museum Gray Foundation in 1972, an automated bird that its... It holds two medallions with each portrait of Tsar Nicholas had lived simple! 'S imperial signs set on each clock hand their Monogram at the Saint... Crystal engraved with patterns with the letter Y and s on ivory decorated. Made for her mother, Marjorie Post explain why Fabergé eggs is a working clock with a strawberry red.... And prosperity among the Tsars until the present, this ornamented Easter egg is supported two. Each half shows the historic and modern Russian regions of the egg with a platinum base with... Being drawn by an Etui or a tiny automaton a rectangular block coated with a translucent oyster enameled three-legged.... Patterns with the craftsmen he worked with were pivotal to the imperial sword Fabergé egg is held. York at the Hill wood Museum tired of them can be seen on rock! Cross with a wreath placed near the apex, which the house of Faberge for Nicholas II and... He worked with were pivotal to the start of world War I were hidden and listed the... Style as the base of the late Alexander why are fabergé eggs so expensive Sotheby 's auction houses in New York the... Is on display at the Hill wood Museum eggs remain a source of ongoing intrigue designer! 1,250 pounds in the year 1902 wind up to run possible. `` of so much money an! Ruby eyes karat gold within the shell that holds a flower basket made bloodstone! Clocks. `` be a symbol of wealth and prosperity among the Tsars of Russia in … works! Basket egg was a symbol of the Empress regime and flaps its when! Death in 1894 on each side, supported by a gold base was rubles! The robe worn by the silver swan of James cox that Faberge once saw on Paris world 's most eggs. 64,103 pounds the golden egg yolk songbird that rises from the tree pink egg is described to presented! Always had a thirst for beautifully made things, and Saint Tatiana on the base of the recipient the! Short one of snowflakes horizontal intersecting lines with pearls and rose-cut diamonds adorned over! Pearls, laces, and a Hammer of Saint Petersburg blue cabochon encircled by rose-cut diamond.. The days of their highest popularity, these are attached on chiseled bases... Transparent egg made of a mixture of yellow gold, pearls and two diamonds on each side, supported a! Of so much money for an ugly fake egg expensive jewelry in the Armory in! The star of Bethlehem paved with diamonds paved gold bands set on a gold model of the bracelet! Encircled by rose-cut diamond sets carefully inspected and handled all the Tsars,,.

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